“Disgraced Hollywood mogul” Harvey Weinstein, 66, turning himself this morning at the Manhatten DA’s office where he’ll be charged with one count of 1st degree rape & 1 count of 3rd degree rape for incidents involving two separate women. In the past six months, more than 80 women have accused Weinstein of some sort of sexual misconduct & he triggered the #MeToo movement.

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He posted $1 million bail. He’ll be placed on house arrest, he may have to wear a monitor, he was ordered to hand over his passport to authorities and wear a GPS device. His attorneys say he plans on pleading “not guilty.” He could face jail time if convicted.

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“Rasheeda and Kirk Frost have been at odds for nearly two seasons of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. After Kirk was caught cheating on Rasheeda with Jasmine Washington and getting the other woman pregnant, Rasheeda has been trying to decide if she even wants to stay together with her husband.

While many LHHATL fans pushed for Rasheeda to leave Kirk, she kept dragging her feet. Rasheeda even explained on the show that after nearly 20 years of marriage, growing a family and multiple businesses together, it wasn’t as simple as just walking away.

Even though Rasheeda never fully left Kirk, she did distance herself dramatically. It was only recently that Kirk moved back into the house and even then, Rasheeda told him to stay on his own side and out of her business. It was pretty clear then that they would end up back together, it was only a matter of time.

Last week on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta seemed to be that point where Rasheeda and Kirk Frost finally came back together. The timing and circumstances were horrible but it looks like the death of Gloria Frost is what it took for Rasheeda to soften up towards Kirk.

When Kirk shared the sad news with his estranged wife, Rasheeda immediately hugged him and cried with him. She told Kirk that she was there for him and while their physical interaction was clearly very awkward, she meant what she said.

Rasheeda was by Kirk’s side for Gloria Frost’s funeral and continued to support him after. She even threw a birthday party for Kirk just days after his mom’s death in an effort to surround him with friends and family in an effort to cheer him up.

 It’s still not clear if Rasheeda and Kirk Frost are going to fully reconcile or not. She has started to share pictures of them as a couple from time to time but it’s been nothing but throwback photos. As Season 7 of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta continues, we’ll definitely get to see more of their drama with Jasmine Washington and her baby.


On the next episode of LHHATL, titled “Friendtervention”, we’ll get to see more of Rasheeda and Kirk’s reunion. According to the synopsis, “Kirk’s grief brings him and Rasheeda back together. Let’s just see how far Rasheeda is willing to go to support him with Jasmine still popping up all over the place because she wants Kirk to spend time with their child.”

SOURCE: MonstersAndCritics)

2 weeks ago Sac PD discovered a duffle bag with the decomposed remains of a small child. Police believe the parents drove the dead body from Nevada to a Sacramento storage unit. Authorities say 5yo Cali died after she became “unresponsive” on May 4th at her dad’s Nevada apartment & her parents didn’t call 911. They also found the living conditions to be in “disarray” with spoiled food, dirty clothes, & an “ animal wire crate in the bathroom with handcuffs.” Police arrested & booked both Tyler and Averyauna Anderson on manslaughter/child abuse charges.