Place Of Birth? The SKY: A mother gave birth to her baby while thousands of feet in the air. A crew member and medical personnel on board helped deliver JetBlue’s “youngest customer to date.” Ironically, the plane’s name is “Born To Be Blue,” but the flight crew wants to rename the plane after the baby! Babies born on the planes in the past were given perks like free flights with a guest on their birthday!


Our forever former President Barack Obama is always up to something amazing. He teamed up with the NBA and FIBA to launch an African league. It will feature 12 teams across Africa, making this a first-ever for the NBA! The new league will be called the Basketball Africa League, or BAL, and is scheduled to play Jan. 2020!

According to a source, “In order to determine which teams will be participating in the venture, the NBA and FIBA are jointly planning to conduct qualification tournaments later this year to identify the 12 teams that would represent several countries — including Angola, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa and Tunisia. There will be no more than two teams from any single country in the league.”

Obama will also have an “undisclosed” role according the article. Are you excited?


A 7-year-old boy from SC didn’t panic when he saw his dad pass out.

His quick thinking saved the day. First he went to call 911 on his pop’s phone but it was locked. Then, he jumped on his bike and starts speeding down on the highway. This is when his old teacher noticed and God put in her heart, help him.

That’s when they called 911 and they were able to get his father the diabetes medicine he needed.

❤️#AllWeNeedIsLove ❤️


Matthew Lynn Jansen, 46, shot and killed his wife Mary Jo Jansen, 46, in their Minnesota home on Friday (Feb. 8). Mr. Jansen admitted to the crime on a 911 call. When he was getting arrested, he told the cops, “I can’t believe I did it — I guess I don’t have to worry about a divorce now.”

He and his wife filled for divorce in Nov. but was still living together. Mrs. Jansen was going to move out on Saturday.

Jansen is charged with second-degree murder and his bail was set at $1 million. His next court date is March 18.