A viral photo of Joyce Vieira shows her beating up a weirdo who allegedly was performing sex acts on himself on the beach.

Joyce saw him in a path where a lot of people including children go so she went into MMA mode and gave him the business!

She reported the man but he was later released. Joyce said, “we feel powerless,” since he’s free to do it again.

We agree with you @eujoycevieira! Punishment should have been worse, thanks for kicking his butt! 😝 We love you Queen!!


The ULTIMATE boss babe is Shaymaa Ismaa’eel who clapped back at haters in a classy way!

Earlier this week she was at a Islamic conference Washington DC and saw a group of protesters holding signs against the Muslim faith. That’s when she asked a friend to snap a pic of her smiling and gave them the peace sign.

Reported on CNN, Shaymaa said, “I really wanted to combat their hatred with kindness honestly. I wanted them to see my face and simply walking by wasn’t enough.”

Take a look:

We love you @shaymaadarling ❤️


Matthew Knowles wants to bring the Destiny’s Child story to stage.

Reported on TMZ, he’s creating, ‘Survivor: The Destiny’s Child Musical.’

It will be told from his perspective, starting with their humble beginnings and how they became the biggest girl-group ever! No word yet on who will play Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson. 

He plans on debuting it next year in Houston.