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The world continues to mourn over the 50 lives that were viciously taken at Pulse nightclub in Orlando. According to CNN, authorities say that this hate crime is America’s worse terror attack since 9/11.

The gunman, Omar Manteen, 29-year-old Florida resident went entered the gay club Sunday night, June 12, and began his shooting rampage at approximately 2:00 a.m. According to NY Times, authorities say that after Manteen brutally killed most of his victims, he was “cool” and “calm” during his 9-1-1 call. While on the phone with the police, he praised the Boston Marathon Bombers and claimed allegiance to the Islamic State. Three hours later, the Orlando Police Department forcefully entered the club, rescuing dozens of victims and killing Manteen.

Manteen’s parents are from Afghanistan and his father told ABC news that, he apologies for what his son did, and he doesn’t miss him because what he did was inhumane. Manteen’s family is shocked, embarrassed, and didn’t suspect that he could do something so hateful. His ex wife on the other hand says that he was abusive and showed signs of bipolar disorder.

Manteen had been under FBI radar twice but nothing ever happened. Just days before the attack, Manteen legally went to the store and purchased firearms. Investigators also discovered in his cell phone that he had a lot of extremist content on it. They didn’t find any indication that the attacks were in connection with any groups outside of U.S.


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