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Is Sanders Still Running for President?


Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders has been keeping a low profile these days. The Washington Post refers to Sanders as the “vanquished Democrat”.

Recently, Secret Service agents have been seen guarding Sander’s Vermont home, which is an indication that he is still running for president. According to the Washington Post, that protection is costing taxpayers over $38,000 a day.

The Washington Post also says,

“He has virtually no chance of becoming the party’s nominee, and he is no longer pressing his case to Democratic leaders that he should. Yet Sanders remains an active candidate because he has not “suspended” his campaign or taken any other steps that would alter his official status.”

So what does this mean for the Democrat party?

Sanders met with Clinton in Washington and discussed tuition-free college and hopes that she will consider that in her campaign. According to Sander’s campaign manger, Jeff Weaver, Sanders may end up endorsing Clinton before the convention in Philadelphia in a few weeks.

As we leave the peak of the race and enter a new season, Election Day is around the corner. Who will you be voting for America?

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