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Hot 97’s JEN from BKLYN Writes An Open Letter To The U.S Department Of Justice


Sunday BK Brunch host and digital manager at New York’s official radio station wrote an emotional but heartwarming letter to The United States Department of Justice. As it is her job to use her platform in a positive way, it is the job of the DOJ to protect the public.

JENBKYLN writes,

“The U.S is broken and if the U.S falls apart the world will too, this saddens me. Innocent officers killed in Dallas saddens me, what happened to Alton Sterling and Philando Castile and every other individual who were murdered by the hands of those who were sworn to serve and protect us who’ve thrown proper protocol out of the window receiving NO CONVICTION saddens me.”

The 50 Shades Of J letter simply asks for peace and unity from the human race. America is classified as a super power of the world, but these last three days have been chaotic, traumatic, and horrendous. From the outside looking in, the land of the free is crumbling.

If the DOJ doesn’t step up, this entire nation could burn down to flames. We can save our country if everyone from all sides can admit their mistakes, maintain peaceful protest, and retrain every single person that wears a badge.

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