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Death Toll At 84 In Nice France Following An Act Of Terror

On a day where many families and lovers were gathered around to celebrate one of France’s most sacred holidays, a truck driver drove into the crowd, killing 84 civilians, at least 10 were children, reported on UK News.

36A60E51-6701-4A3C-BE51-FFABC702DB39_mw1024_s_n.jpgPhoto Credit: VOA News

Moments leading up to the attack, the driver told French officials that he was delivering ice-cream. During a fireworks show the gunman, identified as 31-year-old Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, who is also considered a career criminal to police, was speeding down a blocked street, ramming and running people over for dead.

This is the third terror attack France has dealt with since the past 18-months. Officials warn the nation that this may not be the last.

#PrayForNice #PrayForFrance #PrayForTheWorld

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