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Two Years Later Eric Garner’s Family Still Fighting For Justice

Back in 2014 on this day in Staten Island, Eric Garner was approached by officers for allegedly selling loosies (single cigarettes). He told authorities that he wasn’t selling them and that he felt he was being harassed by the officers.

While the cops were trying to arrest Garner they pinned him down to the ground eventually leaving him in a deadly chokehold. Although the medical examiner ruled his death a homicide, none of the officers involved were charged.


The Garner family put together “The Garner Way Foundation” which is an organization that empowers and educates youth about the social injustices in our country. They serve as a guide and a navigator for those who seek equal rights.

Over the weekend the foundation held a peace walk and unity fest. On the day Garner’s life was taken away, a worship service will be held in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Rest in power Eric Garner.

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