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Baton Rouge Gunman Posted Venting Videos And Tweets Prior To Attack

In Louisiana on July 17, a man dressed in a mask and military style clothing walked around a plaza looking for cops to kill. He found six – killed three and wounded the others.

gavin-long-gun.jpgPhoto credit: Heavy

Surveillance video shows the assassin identified as Gavin Long of Kansas City, roaming around with a semi-automatic rifle on his shoulder. Reported on NBC, the tapes show Long looking in a sheriff’s car but it was empty. He continued his hunt with only one thing in mind – kill policemen.

The shooter identifies himself on the internet as Cosmo Setepenra on the Internet,Cosmo posted these tweets a few days prior to the attack:



Down below is a video the gunman who killed three innocent police officers made expressing how he feels about oppression and protesting.




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