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Twisted Turn Of Fate, Robber Who Killed A Detective’s Dad Commits Same Fatal Crime Almost Three Decades Later

Earlier this month, Detective Dionne DeGourville heard on the radio that a Queens’ burglar struck and killed an elderly woman while trying to escape the police. When the detective got hold of the perpetrator’s name, she knew who it was right away. The same man who took her father’s life in a similar situation.

crash10n-5-web.jpg(Derrick Perkins) – Photo credit: Ny Daily News

In Hempstead on Feb. 3, 1988 Derrick Perkins lead the police on a wild high speed chase after stealing four boxes of muffins at a Dairy Barn. Perkins was on narcotics and driving a stolen vehicle at nearly 70 mph.

As life takes sudden turns, the muffin thief crashed into a motorist. Karl Degourville was killed instantly at the scene. 16-year-old Dionne’s heart was crushed when she heard what happened to her dad.

unnamed-2(Karl Degourville 12/5/1946 – 2/3/1948)

Perkins was convicted of murder and served 25-years in jail. After he served his sentence he went back to prison on a parole violation in November 2014 and was released June 14, according to NY Daily News.

Earlier in July, Perkins stole 78-year-old Roxina Clayton’s cell phone at a tire shop. He hopped into his BMW and was then pursued by NYPD. 18-blocks later, Perkins smashed into Clayton, ending her life and he walked away with no cuts or bruises.



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