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Flint Facing Massive Health Crisis

gettyimages-511283154-d04c42ddad9c38a43b1119e5f42f19fb4de18ba5-s700-c85.jpgPhoto credit: NPR

Flint, Michigan – a predominately poor black city, has had issues with clean water supply since 2014. When lead got mixed in with the community’s drinking water supply, it called for a state of emergency.

Flint’s Mayor Karen Weaver will speak at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on the 25th about the issue. Back in Feb. Hillary Clinton shared her political views on the situation and called for the city’s attention.

Weaver is excited that she has been chosen to speak on her city’s behalf and promises to “ensure that Flint will remain in the national spotlight.” Weaver said reported on M Live.

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