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L’Oréal Luchi – Why Does She Compare Herself To The Statue Of Liberty

unnamed        [Statue of Liberty] – [Photo credit: @Fox5ny]

From sunrise to sunset, “Liberty Enlightening the World.” New York’s guiding light made her way from France to NY’s Harbor back in June 1885.

The editor of “The World,” Joseph Pulitzer, promoted the importance of bringing her to America. Before the statue could set sail, she needed travel funds. Pulitzer used his newspaper to push for funding from the upper and middle class. His platform played a huge role on influencing the public’s support for our Statue of Liberty.

Lady Liberty, she’s more than a monument or an exhibit. She symbolizes greater knowledge, hope, and understanding. The fire in her torch lights the way to freedom.

L’Oréal Luchi, your key to the streets. Keeping you connected to the world around us like a guiding light.

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