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11 Foods That May Reduce The Risk Of Breast Cancer

Majority of cancer related deaths are caused by malnutrition. One in every eight women will die from breast cancer. Minimize your chance, increase your life expectancy, or ease the pain if you are recovering just by adjusting your nutrition.

[Studies by healthycures.org,  cancertutor.com, and organicfacts.net.]

  • Curry


A key chemical in curry called curcumin has been shown to fight breast cancer tumors.

  • The Cabbage Family

The key compound found in Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and kale known as indole-3-carbinol, destroys cancer cells.

  • Berries


“Berries are rich in lots of fiber which keeps cancer at a rest, because it eliminates any excess oestrogen in intestines.” [healthycures] Berries are also very yummy in your tummy.

  • Spices + Oils

Recent studies have shown that these spices and oils kill cancer cells. The research is still developing according to cancer tutor.

  • Seeds + Nuts

Snacking on some of these are beneficial because the “compounds stop estrogen-dependent tumors by slowing down their rate of growth and progression.” [organic facts]

  • Grapes


The compounds in grapes reduce the body’s estrogen production.


  • Green tea


Take the time to boil the green tea leaves to receive all of its herbal benefits.

  • Garlic


Garlic contains antibiotics that can rid the body of bacteria, yeast, and fungi.

  • Wheatgrass shot


Whether you take it raw or in the form of juice, studies show that it can regress cancer cells’ growth. It also increases the strength of your immune system and it rids toxic wastes from your body.

  • Spinach


Spinach is packed with compounds that “rid the body of cancer-causing hormones.” [healthy cures]

  • Tomatoes


Add farm fresh tomatoes into your diet – they contain likopen which is shown to be a natural protector of breast.




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