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11 Ways To Save College Coins


  • Fill out your FASFA and apply for scholarships. Read and ask questions about loans – remember, you don’t have to accept the full amount, take out what you need. Federal loans usually have lower interests rates than private loans.



  • Meet with your advisor and only take the classes you need. If you’re unsure of your major, take something you have a general interest in.


  • First see if there is a PDF version of the books you need. If there isn’t, borrow your books or buy them used. Here’s a tip – make a friend in class and study together. If you do buy your books, try to keep them in good condition so you can sell them at the end of the year!



  • Consider community college for the first two years and then finish up at a SUNY campus. State Universities of New York are affordable and are located throughout the city and state.



  • Never buy anything without asking if there’s a student discount. You can always Google your favorite brand and see if they offer one. Common ones include Apple Music, Amtrak, and Greyhound.



  • Create a budget and stick to it like glue!



  • Get affiliated with a bank that offers student perks such as a credit union or Chase.



  • Shop at dollar stores, Family Dollar, Walmart, and Target for the best deals. Buy practical, durable, and inexpensive items.



  • Work while you’re in school. Take advantage of work-study if you qualify. If you don’t, work at a job where you can “get away with studying” – such as an office or the library.


  • Cut back on alcohol and keep your kitchen or pantry stocked with healthy snacks. The “freshman 15” is real – you’ve been warned!



  • Happy hour (if you’re 21 and over :), coupons, and free events on campus will become your best friend. A simple Google search and a peak on your school’s website can guide you to your best deal.


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