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11 Reasons To Go Vegan


Vegan-Food-Pyramid-NewPhoto credit: Vegan Pyramid

11 Reasons To Go Vegan

  • A healthy life is a happy life.
  • Save the environment.
  • Protect cruel treatment of animals.
  • Feel slimmer.
  • Feel energized.
  • Feel free.
  • Live longer.
  • Stop putting harmful toxins from meat into your body.
  • Contrary to myths, vegan food is delicious and easy to make.
  • According to Vegan Society, the “sad truth is that all living creatures (even those labeled ‘free range’ or ‘organic’) fear death, just as we do. No matter how they are treated when alive, they all experience the same fear when it comes to slaughter.”
  • Take control of your life and feed your body the good stuff.

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