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7-Year-Old Ohio Boy Saved By Police After He Was Found Trying To Sell His Teddy Bear For Food

3757A7AB00000578-0-image-a-25_1471496923058.jpgSource: Daily Mail

Last week a Cincinnati Ohio Police Officer Steve Dunham spotted a seven-year-old walking around without shoes holding a teddy bear. After the boy told Dunham that he hadn’t eaten in a few days, the kind officer took him to Subway and bought him some food.

Reported on Daily Mail, Dunham humbly said, “he’s no hero, just a Christian who believes we’re all supposed to help each other out.”

Dunham and other officers went to the seven-year-old’s home and learned that he had four other siblings, ages ranging from seven to seventeen. According to officers, the house was filled with cat urine, liquor, and garbage. The children were removed from their parents, Tammy and Michael Bethel who are facing five counts of child endangerment charges.

Mrs. Bethal took to social media an expressed her anger towards the police and people commenting her Facebook. The mother claims that she spent $2000 on food and new clothes for her kids. She seems to be in denial about her living situation – doesn’t see a problem with the way her home is kept.




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