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EAT Before You Drink – Drunkorexia Is A Deadly Campus Epidemic


As if starving yourself or barfing after you eat wasn’t enough. A secret trend seen on campus is defined as “drunkorexia.” Binge drinking on an empty stomach is very dangerous and could end your life in the blink of an eye.

According to NBC News, a survey found,

“during the previous three months, 80 percent had engaged in at least one of the following drunkorexic behaviors:

  • Cutting back on food and increasing exercise to either speed or enhance the high from drinking
  • Engaging in bulimic-type behaviors: vomiting after eating, taking laxatives or using diuretics
  • Boosting exercise or eating less to offset calories from drinking: this could include drinking low-calorie beers or cocktails, skipping a meal or avoiding food all day, or exercising intensely


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