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Craving A Late Night Snack – New Studies Throw Away The “Don’t Eat After 6 P.M. Rule


The average working person isn’t even home by 6 p.m., so where did the “no food after 6 p.m.” come from? Does eating late at night help you lose weight?

Reported on TheTruth24, late night munchers usually go for the bag of chips or indulge in a piece of pie which will lead to weight gain. Eating a meal after 6 p.m. isn’t bad for the body unless you are eating something unhealthy.

According to TheTruth24, “you should never push through hunger pangs because of what the clock says. FYI, that doesn’t really work for weight-loss and it fosters an unhealthy relationship with food.”

Foods that are high in protein are recommended to eat if you do get the munchies late at night (TheTruth24).

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