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11-Year-Old Girl Turns Her Pain Into Passion – Becomes A Fashion Designer After Being Bullied

ify-ufele-tease-today-160217_386ea25a51a63cc960c2d96a7274e07e.JPGPhoto source: Today

Fifth grader Egypt Ufele from Queens, NY has been bullied since the first grade because of her size. Reported on RaycomGroup, Ufele was put on asthma medication when she was four which caused her to gain weight.

“I just started to blow up, and I gained weight rapidly,” she said. “So everyone at school would bully me. It made me feel bad about myself, but my mom always told me everyday I am a princess,” according to RaycomGroup.

With the guidance of her mother and grandmother, the brave Ufele learned how to sew and started her own fashion line. Reported on ABC, she also started her own anti-bullying campaign known as “bully chasers.”

The young mogul is on her way to southern California where her clothes will be featured in Orange County fashion week.

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