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If You Gotta Be A B**** – Be A Bad One – Running To The Bank Like @ScottieBeam


Deanii, also known as “Scottie Beam” – digital producer / personality on Hot 97.1 FM and coordinator of their monthly “Who’s Next” event sat with Essence Live and spoke on how being assertive at work automatically deems you a b*tch. Often times at the work place when a man is a boss and giving orders, he is acting like a boss, but on the flip side when a woman is the boss she is classified as a b*tch.

Women get called the “b word” for almost anything that they do, whether they are in a high position at work, or place themselves on a high pedestal. During the interview, Scottie explains how there’s people in this world who will actually get upset because you believe in your vision and they don’t see what you see.

Instead of cheering you on to your goals, some will try to steer you wrong and impose parts of their vision onto yours. If you’re a strong chick you’ll stop them right then and there and hit them with “no no no no no” like the Destiny’s Child song said.

“I know what I see, this is what I’m going to do, and if you’re going to ride with me cool and if you’re not going to ride with me you can fall off,” Scottie said. She went on to say that she believes in her vision so much that she would rather struggle and strive to it because she is confident that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. “If I see the vision and I know it’s going to work for me, it’s going to work for me. That word b*tch you can call me a b*tch all day, I’ll be b*tcing to the bank” Scottie said.

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