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#HipHopHistory – NBA Goon Allen Iverson Traded The Ball For Rap Bars

For some reason athletes want to act tough and live like rap stars and the artist want to ball like the professional ballers. Back in the 90’s, the 76ers All star MVP guard, Allen Iverson came out with a street record “40 bars” that quickly gained a lot of buzz because of the lyrics.

“Come to me with faggot tendencies and you’ll be sleeping where the maggots be” and “You man enough to pull the gun? Be man enough to squeeze it.” The song ended with the sound of a gun being cocked and a trigger being pulled.

(Source: Complex)

Iverson’s studio time resulted in a meeting with NBA commissioner David Stern. Iverson quickly changed the lyrics. Reported on Complex, “on October 1, 2001, Iverson announced that he was putting the kibosh on his rap album and career.”

allen-iverson2.jpg          Photo source: Sports Illustrated


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