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Happy Birthday @ScottieBeam – “Sideshow – Blue Magic”


You good? Even when you not good, YOU GOOD. Thank you for just being you – a beautiful soul. You claimed it, this ’26 year’ of healing, you will be healed. I wish you nothing but happiness on your birthday. Some days you might cry, you might laugh, or you might feel like something is missing, but no matter what, you’ll always be GOOD. I can’t say when the pain will go away, but it will you know why? Your mom is a strong woman and she raised you to be one too. I wish I could bottle up happiness and give it to you because thats all we really want right? – To be happy :), get flowers/our hair played with, eat fried chicken while listening to music of course 🙂

Just sending you LOVE on your birthday. I’ll forever appreciate you for your act of kindness towards me you have no idea how much that meant.

Everything will be okay 🙂

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lil Cam’ron !!! (lolol)



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