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If You Want To Be A Leader Make Sure You Have These 11 Qualities


According to The Wall Street Journal body language plays a key factor in suggesting to others if you are a leader or if you are just lost. If you want to be a leader, let your body show it before you speak it. Here are the cues:

  1. When talking, keep your head straight.
  2. Remember to smile.
  3. Balanced eye contact – don’t stare too little or too much.
  4. Make points with your whole hand, not just your pointer finger.
  5. Avoid pacifying gestures like touching your hair, grabbing your neck collar, etc. Remain cool and confident at all times.
  6. Steepling  with your hands – either sitting or standing down exudes leadership.
  7. Walk while you talk (on stage or in front of an audience) but don’t over do it.
  8. Speak slow and clear, pause between points.

Reported on Forbes these are some qualifying qualities you should have in order to be an effective leader.

  1. Be honest about what you are communicating. As the communicator, be clear about the message you want to get across.
  2. Be confident around your audience and committed to your brand.
  3. Always have a positive attitude.


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