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11 First Date Don’ts


First dates can be cool and fun especially if you haven’t been on the dating scene or if you just free’d yourself from a negative situation. Don’t ruin your new thing! Check out these 11 tips for first date don’ts:

  1. Ladies don’t dress too sexy, keep it cute and classy. Fellas don’t go crazy with the cologne.
  2. If you’ve been stalking your new boo on social media, don’t let them know. You will definitely creep them out if you mention a 2001 Facebook post.
  3. If you aren’t social media friends already, don’t add each other just yet. Nobody wants to feel like the feds are watching them.
  4. Reported on GLAMOUR, don’t turn your date into a therapy session. Keep a positive convo going, don’t blurt out all of your frustrations, especially about your last relationship.
  5. The next major DON’T on a first date according to GLAMOUR, don’t psychoanalyze your date. In other words, don’t make assumptions or judge, just enjoy each others company.
  6. Keep the conversation flow going but don’t get TOO personal.
  7. Go easy on the liquor, don’t get too twisted, one thing could lead to another and that could be your first and last date with that person.
  8. Unless you plan on getting frisky on the first date, don’t talk about sex.
  9. DO NOT talk about your ex! Keep that trash bucket in the past!!!
  10. If you are miserable and lonely, keep that to yourself. Don’t play the victim.
  11. Unless you are a gold digger, don’t talk about money or finances.

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