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Chicago PD Implement New Non Violent Polices + They Are Seeking Public Commentary

larger.jpg                      Photo source: DNA Info

Reported on Chicago Tribune, a new policing method “emphasizes officers taking a slower, more cautious approach when possible.” According to the article, police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says that the new changes enforce “heavy emphasis on the sanctity of life.” The proposal for the new polices include:

  • Officers using force only if there is an immediate threat.
  • Three taser discharges per incident.
  • Officers are expected to show compassion and care towards the suspect and if they need medical care they are expected to get it for them immediately.
  • Officers should use time and or distance to their advantage before resorting to pulling the trigger.

According to DNA Info, for the first time, “the department will ask for public comment on the proposed changes.” ” The commenting period will start at noon Friday and last for 45 days.”

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