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Hurricane Matthew Lashes Out On Florida And The Governor Warns The Storm’s Wrath Will Return

While the Caribbean Islands dealt with Hurricane Matthew at a Category 4 storm, once he arrived to the United States, it weakened to Category 3, with winds at about 120 miles per hour. The vicious storm hit areas in Florida which included Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, and Cape Canaveral. Reported on NY Times, “The Weather Service downgraded the hurricane warning for Florida’s south-central coast to a tropical storm warning, and lifted the tropical storm warning for the state’s southern coast, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.”

President Obama is urging people to pay attention to what their local officials are saying, if they say you should evacuate then relocate to a safe location. Material things can be replaced but lives can’t.

08matthew-friday1-master675Photo source: NY Times

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