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11 Signs That Your Shorty Is A ‘Ride Or Die’ Chick


According to Single Black Male, and Hello Beautiful, these are the ways to tell if your chick or lady of interest is in fact a true ride or die:

  1. She’s not a snitch chick. She’s Helen Keller when it comes to law enforcement.
  2. She will always have your back and will always tell the story in a light that helps you in the best way possible.
  3. She understands that we are human and we make mistakes.
  4. She is discrete when it comes to giving up information.
  5. She truly appreciates and admires your work ethic, she doesn’t come to the table empty handed.
  6. She’s always down – for anything. She likes to have fun.
  7. She’s confident, she ain’t worried about other broads because she’s secure with herself.
  8. She can watch sports with you, or give you time to rock out with your homies. She’s not clingy.
  9. She’s loyal but take her loyalty for granted and you’ll end up a lonely king.
  10. She’s not “cool” with you cheating on her. Think she’ll still stick around after you cheat? Try it and find out.
  11. She honors you, pushes you to your greatest capability because she see’s you for the man that you can become, not the one you use to be.






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