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Be About It At The Ballot Box – 11 Things You Should Know Before You Vote


  1. You MUST be a U.S. citizen and you HAVE to register in order to vote. Click HERE to check the deadline for your state.
  2. “Absentee and early voting: If you know you can’t make it to the polls on Election Day you can vote using an absentee ballot. While registered voters from every state can request an absentee ballot, some states require an excuse. Your state might also offer early voting. Contact your state election office or consult the National Conference of State Legislatures to learn more about your state’s voting options.” (Source: USA.gov)
  3. Do you know where to go? Find your polling station.
  4. Get to the polls before they close.
  5. Remember that voting isn’t like going to the grocery store to pick up a few things, it takes time so plan accordingly.
  6. Do research on the candidates before you vote. Don’t just go with the “hype.”
  7. Vote for your local leaders and for your national ones.
  8. Some states require that you bring ID, check with your local town hall or online if your state requires you to do so.
  9. Ask for assistance if you are unsure of how to cast your vote, there are people there to help you.
  10. There are no federal laws against felons voting so you must check with your state laws on if you are able to vote.
  11. If English isn’t your first language or if you are disabled, contact your local town hall for assistance – you still have the right to vote.

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