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It’s A Miracle – Conjoined Twin Baby Boys Undergo Rare Surgery To Separate Their Skulls

161013014605-mcdonald-twins-part-1-00010128-exlarge-169.jpgPhoto source: CNN

It was a miracle last week at the Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx. Reported on CNN, the leading expert on craniopagus surgery, Dr. James Goodrich, separated the 13-month-old twins after about 16.5 hours of surgery.

For Goodrich, he performed this surgery six times before baby Jadon and Anias McDonald. In world history, this rare surgery marked the 59th successful one since 1952, according to the article. The parents, Nicole and Christian McDonald, were aware of the risks of the surgery, which included brain damage or death, but they decided to give their babies a chance at becoming individuals.

According to the text, the “couple is sustained by faith.” “They say they’ve put their trust in God, no matter the outcome.”

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