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Adrienne + Fiancé Israel Houghton Take A Vow Of Celibacy Before They Tie The Knot

adrienne-bailon-800.jpgPhoto source: People

During an exclusive interview Adrianne did with People magazine, she confessed that when her fiancé, American gospel singer, Israel Houghton got divorced, she first tried to hook him up with her friends.  Although Adrienne thought highly of him, in the beginning she didn’t see herself wanting to marry him.

It wasn’t until a friend walked up to Adrianne and Israel while they were sitting in a corner and said out loud that they have “old love.” Israel claims that at that moment he felt a connection with her. Adrianne felt that the only way she would know if he was the one is if they kissed.

The kiss must have went pretty well, now the two love birds are engaged and plan on being celibate until they tie the knot. They have plans on getting married sometime this year but don’t have an exact date as of yet.


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