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@MeaganGood Says Celibacy Made Her Marriage Magical + Worth The Wait

devonfranklin_meagangood.jpg           Photo source: Radio Facts

During an interview the Hollywood award-winning actress Meagan Good did with ET Online, she said, “waiting to have sex until marriage was key to their relationship.” Meagan and her hubby movie producer turned preacher DeVon Franklin dated for 13 months until they said, “‘I do’ during a fairytale sunset wedding in Malibu, California.”

Meagan said that she had been in relationships in the past and tried to be celibate with them but always feared that they would cheat. She decided to become a born-again virgin and ironically DeVon had also made that same choice.

The couple had worked together during the 2011 film Jumping The Broom and admits that they had to fight their physical attraction for one another. After dating for a little over a year and then getting married they are proud to say that while Hollywood couples are always breaking up, their partnership works because of prayer, going to church, and their choice to wait for sex until they took their vows before God.


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