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Tips On Protecting Yourself From Becoming A Scammer’s Target


You know the phrase “charge it to the game”, well that’s what “swipe life” also known as scamming is all about. Hustlers aren’t posted up on the block anymore, now they are behind their computers scheming up ways to charge up fake credit cards.

On the latest episode of Street Soldiers hosted by Lisa Evers, the topic was “skimming and credit card scamming” and from the discussion it seems to be the new trend in “street” hustling. This digital way of making fast cash is becoming popular but it’s still a crime so you better believe that when you get caught, you could spend 2-5 years behind bars.

Former NYPD Deputy Inspector, author of “Once A Cop” and motivational speaker Corey Pegues was one of the panelist and he mentioned that often times college students are targets for scams because they may not be street savvy and they are in need of cash. Typically the scam artist will tell the student that if they open a bank account, a large amount of money will be deposited into the account and they will receive a cut. When the bank catches on, everyone involved gets in trouble initially. In reality the college student is the victim but is perceived as the criminal in some cases.

Corey said that if something sounds too good to be true, most likely it is so don’t fall for it. Think of it this way, if it were that easy then everybody would be doing it and everyone would become millionaires.

In preparation for the show, Lisa went to NYC police headquarters and interviewed a lieutenant who is the head of finical crimes task force and they discussed ways people can protect their identity. During the show, Corey also mentioned some tips that could save you from being a scammer’s next target which include:

  • Use cash instead of cards
  • Check ATM machines for small camera devices
  • Keep your identity protected
  • Don’t share personal information
  • Set up phone alerts
  • Use less cards
  • Pay attention to the major hacks that occurs with big companies like gmail, Netflix, Spotify, even accounts that are supposed to be protect by national security – if you are subscribed to any of those services, you need to immediately check your account. If you want to be safe, change your password.

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