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Plans For A New #StatueOfLiberty Museum In The Works

1475766578352.jpgPhoto source: Fox News

The picture above shows the model for a Statue of Liberty museum set to open in 2019. Each year 4.3 million people travel to New York Harbor to visit Our Lady Liberty and this new feature will certainly attract more tourist.

Earlier in October, Fox reported that there was a ceremony at Liberty Island that revealed a 3 dimension like layout for a Statue of Liberty museum. Architect Nicholas Garrison designed the $70 million dollar 26,000-square-foot building which will be made of glass, granite, and concrete. Garrison wanted to construct a blue print that didn’t compete with the statue, but would still entice visitors.


Special features include the museum’s rooftop space that will allow special events and performances to take place. The entrance will show a variety of galleries, one of which visitors can experience “a virtual flyover of the statue’s interior and see exhibits that tell the story of the statue” (according to the article).  Guest will also be able to see the original torch that Lady Liberty held for 100 years.

In the article Garrison said,

“I want people to feel pride that this idea lives and that this building helps to celebrate the great American commitment to try to embrace a way of life that the statue is so associated with.”

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