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HBD To The Late Brittany Murphy – Her Death Remains A Mystery Seven Years Later – [Read More]

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Hollywood actress Brittany Murphy who died back in December of 2009 at the young age of 32 will always be remembered for her witty, funny, or hard core roles on movies such as “Clueless,” “Just Married,” and “8 Mile.” Her mysterious death still raises a lot of questions till this day, seven years later.

Reported on E! Online, “the official L.A. County Coroner’s report cited pneumonia, anemia and a trace mix of prescription drugs as causing an accidental death from natural causes.” Her husband died five months later in the same home due to the same thing, how ironic. The article states that Brittany’s father, did an independent lab report that found a large number of heavy metals in her system which could mean that a third person was involved in her death.

Murphy’s death remains puzzling for five reasons according to the text:

  1. A final report found prescription Hydrocodone and over-the-counter acetaminophen and rat poison in her system.
  2. Murphy’s husband Simon Eerily died five months later which speculates a possible homicide situation but no investigation or criminal claims was made.
  3. Murphy’s husband had a shady past, had warrants out for his arrest and had a large amount of legal debt. In addition, after his wife’s death he claims that she made such terrible films that she wanted to kill herself.
  4. The LAPD won’t confirm or deny that there was rat poising in Murphy’s system and law enforcement never treated her home like a crime scene so there has never been a real investigation.
  5. The Coroner hasn’t reopened the case to examine it fully, even with all the information surrounding it.

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