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Recap @EbroInTheAM @ShaunKing Touches On Why Trump Won + What This Means For America

trumpispresident003                      Photo source: Independent  *This is the “snare” Ebro was referring to*

The host of NBC’s Apprentice, the man who wants to deport undocumented immigrants in large numbers, the man who justifies grabbing women by the p*** because he’s a celebrity, the man who thinks woman should be punished for having abortions, the man who wants to ban Muslims from coming to America, the man who wants to bomb ISIS, the man who made fun of a reporter’s disability, and the list goes on (230 statements he’s made that makes him unfit to run a country), is now our President-elect.

Americans, those who didn’t support Trump are shocked and scared for the state of this nation. Women and young girls especially are heart broken and disappointed that this nightmare of having Donald Trump in office is now a reality.

On New York City’s number one radio station, Hot 97.1 FM, Ebro In The Morning with Rosenberg and Laura Stylez, they addressed Trump’s victory, why Hillary Clinton lost, and where do we go from here. To weigh in on the conversation Shaun King, author and civil rights activist for Black Lives Matter was a special guest.

Like many Americans, King struggled to find the words to say after hearing the results from the polls. While this is a serious setback for the nation, members of the Ku Klux Klan and Neo Nazis see this as a victory for white supremacy.

The result of the election lay in the hands of mostly white American’s in addition to more Latinos voting for this year’s Republican party than Mitt Romney’s campaign back in 2012. Ebro mentioned that one of the reasons Latino men especially were rooting for Trump is because in their culture “women have their place” which isn’t in the White House.

Another point Ebro and King made was the idea of new immigrant versus old immigrant. The foreigners, in particular Hispanics, who have established themselves in America would rather not see “their people” escape their country and come to America. Ebro pointed out that their attitude is “come to this country the right way.”

Trump won because as Ebro put it, the culture failed to care enough. Rosenberg said he doesn’t blame hip hop but believes the younger artists should have played their part on influencing young voters. The artist didn’t want to jeopardize their image by getting into politics.

King mentioned that the Democratic party failed which is why Clinton lost. She didn’t go to Wisconsin or Michigan which further proves that, “they didn’t have their pulse on America. The Democratic party struggled to understand the polls that showed them losing,” King said.

College students preferred Bernie Sanders and had a hard time connecting with Clinton which is another reason why she lost according to King. He found that most students were voting based on preference which is why most young people struggled with this election.


King summed up Trump’s victory to mean one out of two things. Now that Trump is in office, white supremacist can “calm down” and “relax”. Or, this will only empower them and things will get worse.

In essence, Trump being in office means that he will be able to appoint supreme court justices and he has the house and the senate behind him. Ebro mentioned that there hasn’t been a president with this much in his favor since Bush Jr. was in office.

King, who calls himself a hopeless optimistic believes that a solution for a better tomorrow is “we have to fight back and out organize the forces that are against us. Moving forward we have to out strategize,” he said.

Shani Kulture made a point and said, “you can’t wait for someone to be your leader, this is the reality now. You have to vote your lifestyle every single day and have to make the changes that need to be done.”


Ebro said that the next step is to keep working. “When you take a L, you have to take it so you know what it feels like,” Ebro said. When you get kicked down you have to keep going.

Although the tone has been set in this country that no matter if you are qualified for the job, the white male who isn’t qualified still has the upper hand over you, we can’t fight fire with fire. Rosenberg wrapped up the conversation and said, we can’t be like them and respond the way they responded when Obama was elected and say things like “he’s not my president.” We have to respect Trump as the President of the United States even if we are one nation divided by racism.



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