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A Woman’s Car Vandalized + Thief Leaves Note On Her Car Saying ‘Hijab Wearing B***h’

lupus18n-2-web.jpgPhoto source: NY Daily News

While 41-year-old Nicki Pancholy was on her usual peaceful hiking trail in East Bay Hills, California she came back to her car and realized that she had been the target of a hate crime. Robbers smashed her windows, took her purse, and left a note on her windshield calling her a “hijab wearing b***h.”

lupus18n-3-web.jpgPhoto source: NY Daily News

Pancholy who actually isn’t muslim but suffers from lupus and wears the scarf because of hair loss was very disturbed by what happened. Pancholy was interviewed by San Franciso CBS and believes the motive behind their action was fear.

“I believe they’re being controlled by fear. I believe that fear has consumed them”

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