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#BreakingNews – An Armed Bronx Man Shot By NYPD After Refusing To Drop His Knife


Reported on NBC, earlier today around 7:00 p.m. a 9-1-1 call was made in the Bronx due to a man acting erratically and armed with a knife. On Intervale Avenue in Hunts Point a battered woman approached the patrol car and told the authorities that her 19-year-old boyfriend had just beaten her up.

The woman showed the officers were her boyfriend was and they proceeded to chase him. The suspect fled to another building and when the cops caught up to him, they found him “in the kitchen brandishing a large knife, about 12 inches in length, with a 7-inch blade, officials said,” according to the article.

When the man refused to drop the knife the officers began to pepper spray him which had no effect on the suspect. The armed man continued to make advances toward NYPD until they shot him.

The suspect was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition.

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