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#InTheMix – Post Election Solutions, How To Survive The Trump Train

President-elect Donald Trump will officially take office on January 20, 2017. Although there are many Trump supporters across the nation, on the flip side there are a number of people who fear having him as our commander in chief.

A few days after it was announced that business man and former reality star, Donald Trump won the election, Mayor Bill de Blasio called New York City’s number one radio station and spoke with E Bro about what this means for Americans. The Mayor admitted that although he was shocked, he quickly felt “a sense of mission.”

Mayor de Blasio is hopeful that the current generation will fight back, not in a violent way, but in a way that demands change. This isn’t America’s first time an election didn’t turn out in the favor of the people but in today’s society we have more resources and are more prepared to do what it takes to demand change.

A solution for change is to push for your local officials, protest peacefully, and be organized all over the county in order to fight extreme policies. The Mayor mentioned that Trump’s “extremism may be the seeds for bigger changes in progression.”

On the latest episode of Street Soldiers hosted by Fox5 and Hot97’s Lisa Evers, the topic of discussion, “Election Aftermath” included a panel of Republicans and Democrats.

One of the guest, Basil Smikle, executive director of the NYS democratic party and political/policy analyst, believes that economic anxiety impacts everyone but the cultural issues divide us. Republican commentator John Burnett supported Trump because of the economic issues and feels that in order to change the culture in our communities we need to talk about investing and owning business. “Instead of only buying the Nike shoes, invest in the stock,” Burnett said.

Former NFL player Burgess Owens who is now a political author strongly stands by the idea that if we stop making the election about division and talk about the progress black communities has made since slavery, we will be able to move forward. Evers also believes that we have to focus on the future. “We are past the point where one person in the White House is going to change our lives. We have to look at how we’re changing our lives and how we’re changing our communities,” Evers said.


Evers asked Burgess about this new term “alt-conservatives” which are a group of white nationalist, taking over the White House. He said, “Racist black or white will never win in this country. It’s not designed for that and it’ll never happen … This country is based on we the people. If we understand our past, black people stepped up to the plate and did some great things. We need to get back to that.”

Burnett agreed with Burgess and said that we need to come unite within  our communities and work together to mold and shape a “black agenda.” If Trump wants to revitalize inner cities then a solution would be to work with him. “Give him ideas because we don’t have four years to waste,” Burnett said.

A growing concern from the public is the people Trump is choosing to be in the White House such as Steve Bennet, who is a “alternative right” also known as a white supremacist. Burnett believes that we need to judge Trump on his actions and results once he’s in office.

Evers raised the question to her panelist, “what can democrats do”? Bennet and Burgess stand by the idea that the reform issues (education, economic, incarceration) need to be talked about more in order to reshape our values. NYC councilmen Ruben Wills and Democratic representative of the 28th district in Queens believes that you need to find issues that effect you and put your energy into that. People often forget that at the local level is where the power is because your elected officials are the ones going check the president’s power.

“Even if you don’t like the person in the oval office, respect the presidency,” Wills said.

unnamed-1.jpg(Left to right) – John Burnett, Ruben Wills, Lisa Evers, Basil Smikle



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