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#LoveSoldiers Episode 4 – Top Turn Offs – ‘Teach People How To Treat You’


First impressions are important and nothing is worse than an attractive face with bad habits. On the latest episode of Love Soldiers, hosted by Hot97’s and Fox5’s Lisa Evers alongside the Fox5 #newzgirlz, “top turn offs” (from a woman’s point of view) was the topic of discussion.

1. Rude + negative mindset.

2. Personal hygiene. With all the gum and products in the world there’s no excuse for having bad breath or body odor. Don’t over do it with cologne or perfume. TIP: if you’re out on a first or second date and notice that the person has funky breath, a great gesture would be to simply offer them a piece of gum.

3. Women are turned off with cheap men. Keep in mind that hard working, independent women also dislike when you flaunt your money as if you are trying to buy her affection. TIP: Be creative when it comes to planning the date.

4. Guys if you’re going to ask a lady out on a date, you have to actually make the plans. Don’t be the dude who offers to take a woman out on Thursday and hits her up last minute asking “what do you want to do?” TIP: Ladies if a man asks you out on a date but he didn’t make plans, don’t go crazy calling him, just simply become unavailable and tell him “I didn’t hear from you so I made other plans.” If he really wants you, he’ll try again and hopefully he gets the point the second time around if you decide to give him a second chance.

5. Canceling last minute for no good reason.

6. Constantly being on your phone while you’re out on a date.

Lisa’s Love Tip: “Nothing is more powerful and seductive when your only attention is on each other.” Remember: What you tolerate in the beginning will continue so it’s important to nip it in the butt right away. If you notice that the guy is on his phone a lot take control of the situation and ask him “is everything okay? Seems like you have a lot going on right now, we can reschedule.”

7. Bringing up your ex isn’t “date conversation” and is considered a bad move.  Talking about your past takes away your mystique, it’s code language that there are issues you need to work on, and it shows your baggage.

8. Being too touchy too soon. Respect personal space. As Lisa said, “don’t be like an octopus, constantly grabbing people.”

9. Basic manners (you know, the ones you learned when you were growing up).

One of the male viewers, Rolando Martinez was tuned in during the live chat and mentioned that guys are turned off with women who are high maintenance, unrealistic, and judge mental. One of the original newzgirlz, Amantha Chery said that men confuse women who have high standards with being “high maintenance.”

Understand that woman who have high standards know their worth and expect to be treated with respect and like a lady. Women who are high maintenance tend to complain a lot and need expensive things to feel good about themselves so there’s a huge difference.

Towards the end of the year people tend to do a lot of mixing and mingling, juggling job holiday parties and gatherings with friends or family. If you’re single and ready to get back into the dating scene, you could possibly meet your future mate at any of these functions and a true love solider is always on their A game.

Lisa’s love solider mantra, “love is a mine field and you may lose the battle but you can win the war!”

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