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#LoveSoldiers Hosted By  @LisaEvers + #NewzGirlz Ep. 5 – What Makes A Real Man/Woman 

On the latest episode of Love Soldiers  hosted by Lisa Evers alongside the Fox5 newzgirlz, the topic of discussion was “what makes a real man/woman.” The criteria for male and female are simple and trickles down to treating people how you’d like to be treated.

Characteristics for a real man:
1. The number one component is keeping your word. Nothing is more attractive than when a man does exactly what he says he’ll do. Women find this super sexy.

2. Taking control of the situation without being controlling or having to be told what to do.

3. Communication is key. You keep your word and build with your partner through conversation.

Characteristics for a real woman:
1. A lady should always maintain her independence and focus. 

2. Pursue your goals. Be a “goal digger.”

3. Don’t put your man down. If you’re putting him down, privately or publicly, then why are you with him? Make your man feel good and confident. Another important key as Lisa said, “don’t put your business on Front Street.” Instead of going to your girls like a round table discussion about problems you’re having in your relationship, talk to your man instead. 

One of the viewers commented that loyalty, honesty, and respect are qualities that men and woman should have. What are your top traits that makes a real man or woman? Send your comments/questions to @LisaEvers official Facebook page.
During the live post, one of the newzgirlz raised the question, “how would you define a committed relationship”? Depending on your situation the answer may vary for some but it boils down to you and the other person making an agreement that you won’t date or have sexual relations with anyone else. Things get tricky when one person may want to talk to or meet up with an “old friend” and at that point communication as to be clear as to what the limits are. Remember, what you tolerate in the beginning will continue so it’s better to handle situations right away versus waiting.
If you’re dating and want to know of he or she is into you, these are the simple signs that you should look for:
1. If she’s agreeing to go out with you.

2. If she’s showing interest.

TIP: Guys! Don’t over do it with affection and gestures in the beginning. Pace yourself because it’s human nature for people to want to fall back if they feel someone is trying too hard. Be yourself and relax. Remember, dating should be fun and not forced. Be honest with yourself and see the situation for what it is.

1. Ladies keep in mind that men love a challenge so no matter how much you like him, let him chase you.

2. Eye contact is key, “hold the gaze” as Lisa mentioned. Smiles and light flirting will let him know that he should make a move.

TIP: Whatever you do, don’t approach him! You may get what you want at first but you become less of a “challenge” for him when you go after him. 

BONUS question: How to handle a situation when you’ve dated someone but it didn’t work out and you have the same circle of friends/see them on social media.
1. Give yourself a two-month detox from hanging with those groups of people if that person will be there. Distance yourself without being dramatic. 

2. Stay off of their social media sites, block them if necessary, or if you choose to still be friends with them on social networks, keep comments to a bare minimum. 

TIP: Realistically if you have romantic feelings for someone and it didn’t work out, if they offer to “be friends” think about it this way – if you didn’t work out as a couple, what would you gain as friends. Does “friends with benefits” ever really work? Stay tuned next Sunday at 6:30 p.m. on @LisaEvers official Facebook to find out!

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