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Is Brad Pit Blaming Angelina Jolie’s Friends For Their Divorce

The-Assassination-of-Jesse-James-by-the-Coward-Robert-Ford-film-premiere-at-the-64th-Venice-Festiv.jpgPhoto source: Mirror UK

The entire world was shocked when Hollywoods hottest couple decided to call it quits for good. After a 12 year relationship and two years of marriage, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie filed for divorce in September 2016.

Reported on Headlines & Global news Pitt believes that Jolie’s two friends have been putting the bug in her ear and influencing decisions she has been making regarding their split. According to the article, Pitt wanted to make the marriage work but his former wife friend’s Baroness Helic and Chloe Dalton have been advising her to do things to hinder their relationship.

Pitt refers to Jolie’s friends as “a coven of witches.”

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