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Are Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian Really Over

chyna-post-7221b1d2-9927-4757-9059-341e689342dd.jpgPhoto source: US Magazine

Over the weekend Blac Chyna took her and Rob Kardashian’s one month old baby Dream, all of her belongings, and even the food out of her second baby dadd’s house and left. Chyna’s Instagram account was allegedly hacked and someone spilled out all of her tea about her plans of trademarking the Kardashian name and how Dream’s fathers is lazy and fat.

The KUWK star poured his heart out on social media saying how hurt and sad he is that she would do this to him right before Christmas. Hopefully he will get to see his baby Dream real soon.

This came right in time for their TV special. We’ll see if this is for real or just for the cameras in due time.

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