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#StreetSoldiers Hosted By @LisaEvers ‘Love & Relationships’ Recap

What makes the world go around, it’s stronger than any drug, and has the power to make you feel high or low – love. Whether your single, married, dating or divorced, we all need l-o-v-e.

On the latest episode of “Street Soldiers” hosted by Lisa Evers who reports exclusively for Fox5 and Hot97, she took her Sunday night live Facebook show “Love Soldiers” to TV/radio. “Wild n’ Out” comedian/actor Rip Michaels, media personality and author Tionna Smalls, and Grammy award winning producer and star of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Stevie J were on the hot seat and was asked questions about their individual relationship experiences.

Tionna opened the discussion by telling her top turn offs which include a guy that doesn’t keep his word, lazy, no goals, and a liar. “If you lie you steal and if you steal you kill” Tionna said.

Stevie J, who left his special sleezy J sauce at home, said he doesn’t like women who have dirty houses or wash rags, and bad hygiene. Rip Michaels said women shouldn’t smell like “irresponsibility” [insert laughing out loud emoji].

Lisa asked the fellas how do they decide if they want to peruse a relationship with a female and Stevie J said all she needs is to be independent and have a great job or working towards one. Tionna stepped in and mentioned that women these days make it too easy for men. “Before the intro he’s in the draws” Tionna said (referring to “Netflix and chill”). 

Rip Michaels believes that independent women these days are running things. “Women are like a good job, they may not be hiring but they are accepting applications” the comedian said. 

Stevie J admitted that the digital world makes sex easier to get. Social media devalues women who show off their bodies. 

Lisa asked her guest how do they deal with ex’s and Stevie J said that he goes cold turkey and lately has been focusing more on raising his daughters. He wants to be a good example for them. Tionna said that it’s important to create boundaries, especially if you have kids together. 

Tionna also said that in her experience, it was a relief dating and then marrying someone who didn’t have children. Now that she’s eight months pregnant, this will be an experience that’s new and shared together. Rip Michaels on the other hand prefers women with kids because he has one and believes that single mothers tend to be more focused and driven.

If your on the dating scene, according to Tionna and Stevie J, the rule is to date three people at a time (not sleep with them all) but allow yourself to have options. This way you won’t be stuck on one person. Rip Micheals would rather date and put his attention on one person at a time.

Lisa wanted to know if it’s possible to be just friends with someone who’s attractive. The panel agreed that although it’s possible, it’s hard and if you cross the line it changes everything and you’ll become friends with benefits.

Ladies don’t feel discouraged if you ever gave it up on the first night and wondering if you can still get “wifed.” Tionna believes that whether you wait nine or 99 days, if the man wants you, you’ll know it. 

For all the celibate people out there Tionna encourages this and says it’s “good for your mind, but not your behind.” 

Listen to the uncut version here: Street Soldiers – Love & Relationships

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