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@LisaEvers #LoveSoldiers – #NYE Strategies + Surviving The Night’s Festivities

#LoveSoldiers – Episode 8 – New Year’s Eve Tips

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New Year’s Eve is filled with people partying, drinking, and celebrating life. The night could easily be ruined if you’re not well prepared for the festivities.

Lisa Evers and the Fox5 #newzgirlz came just in time for a pop up special edition of “Love Soldiers.” The team came up with tips on how to have a fun, safe, and memorable New Year’s celebration.

NYE Game Plan:

  1. If you’re going out with friends, have a get home strategy in place ahead of time. Never drink and drive! Avoid trying to get a cab last minute, have the ride home set up before you take on the night.
  2. LADIES – make a pact with your girls that you won’t wander off with a stranger. Often times while drinking people get what Lisa calls “vodka glasses” and at this point your judgement may become cloudy due to intoxication. Lisa’s rule of thumb is “who ever you go with is who you leave with.” She suggests that your clique should be like the men in the marines, they never leave any of their brothers on the battle field, she says “never leave your girls alone on the dance floor!”
  3. If you meet a guy you’re interested in, nothing is wrong with giving him your number. Let him call you another day to set up a date, that would be the lady like thing to do.
  4. After each drink have a glass of water in between. Lisa believes that drinking out of a glass will make you feel as though you’re having a drink versus guzzling down a bottle of water. This will also prevent you from getting too turnt up and will keep you hydrated.
  5. Make sure you eat before you start drinking. Women especially don’t like to have a meal before they head out so that they can keep their figure in tact. It would be wise to coat your stomach with something light such as strips of grilled chicken, a salad, or some cheese as Lisa suggested. You definitely don’t want to get sick in public or be at a place where they don’t serve food or they ran out.
  6. Keep an eye on your drink!
  7. Keep an eye on your purse. Unfortunately, there are women out there who’ve been robbing other women.
  8. Have a purse you can party with that has a strap.
  9. Avoid losing your jacket by checking your coat. Although it could be a hassle or over priced, it’s worth checking it versus losing it or trying to hold it while you’re partying on the dance floor.
  10. Make sure your shoes can survive the night. It might not be a smart idea to wear brand new shoes that haven’t been broken in yet and you don’t know how your feet will be after a few hours of wearing them. It’s always a good idea to bring foldable flats in your bag just in case the heels have to come off. NEVER go barefoot on the dance floor!
  11. One of the newzgirlz Amantha suggested that ladies should take trips to the bathroom together. This will avoid anyone getting lost or wandering off.
  12. Yisel mentioned that it’s important to keep an eye on your tab. Let the bartender know who can add drinks to it. Lisa pointed out that on a night like NYE, especially if you’re going to a place you’ve never been before, it might be safer to carry cash.
  13. Make sure your phone is fully charged especially if you plan on being at a new place that may be far from your house. Smartphone users should carry their charger with them, thats smart.
  14. Stay drama free and enjoy the night. Avoid conflict. If an uninvited guest is at your house, let it slide unless they pose a serious threat.

BONUS: A common question around NYE is, if someone didn’t give you a gift or spend Christmas with you, should you spend NYE with them? + Should you spend NYE with somebody new? According to Lisa, here are some key tips:

  • If you’ve been seeing them for a while and they didn’t get you anything for Christmas they don’t deserve to spend NYE with you. Chances are they are just looking to get some action.
  • If you’re single and someone has asked you to spend NYE with them, if you’re interested and they have something fun planned, go for it!



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