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Hate Crime In Chi Town – [VIDEO] Of Attack On Disabled Man [GRAPHIC]

Video Source

Three guys and a female in Chicago decided to torment a mentally challenged man and record it on Facebook Live. The video went viral and the four suspects ended up in custody shortly after the incident.

The video shows two men cutting up the victim’s shirt with a knife and then they take turns punching and slapping him. One of the men cut the mentally ill man’s hair and scalp which caused him to bleed. The woman filming the incident seemed to be getting a kick out of it as she laughed and smoked her black and mild.

The antics went on for about 28 minutes. The abusers were laughing and listening to music and were saying that the victim is getting this treatment because he is white and our new president will be Donald Trump. At one point one of the men made the disabled man get on the floor, kiss the ground, and say that he loves black people.

The victim was later hospitalized and it’s reported that although he’s okay,he is traumatized by what happened. The suspects in custody have been charged with hate crime.


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