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New Discovery In Troy Ave Shooting Leads To An Arrest Of Podcast Personality #TaxStone

Photo Source: Hip Hop DX/Google Images

Fox5 and Hot97 news reporter Lisa Evers first reported that podcast personality “Tax Stone” also known as Darryl Campbell was arrested on Tuesday in connection with the Irving Plaza shooting back in May 2016. New evidence shows that the gun that Campbell’s DNA was on the gun that killed Troy Ave’s body guard Ronald “Banga” McPhatter.

The shoot out took place at a T.I concert and reports say that shots were being fired at Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave and McPhatter stepped in front of him, getting grazed and fatally shot by the bullet. This is the same firearm that a surveillance video shows the rapper Troy Ave shooting back and then authorities later found the weapon in his car.

Troy Ave is out on $500,000 bail and Tax Stone is being held in custody. Campbell’s lawyer says that the gun that killed McPhatter and hit Troy Ave does belong to his client but he is innocent.

DNA testing shows that although traces of DNA that belonged to McPhatter and Troy Ave was on the gun, more DNA was found on the trigger and hand grip, indicating that Campbell could have owned the gun, it doesn’t prove that he shot Troy Ave’s body guard.

The podcast host was arrested for gun possession while being a convicted felon. According to Lisa Ever’s live Facebook, she reported that he could be charged with the murder of McPhatter.

This story is still developing.



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