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One Of The Most Notorious Criminals Of Our Time Has Been Extradited To A #Brooklyn Courthouse

HT_EL_CHAPO_170119_16x9_992.jpgPhoto source: ABC News

One of the most notorious criminals of the times is on New York soil. For decades the Feds have been trying to prosecute one of the world’s most dangerous drug lord Joaquín Guzmán Loera, also known as, El Chapo.

The alleged leader of a multi-billion dollar drug and weapons operation  was extradited from Mexico to a Brooklyn courthouse yesterday where he’s under heavy maximum surveillance. The extra security is there just in case he has plans on making another escape through a tunnel as he did last July from a Mexican prison.

El Chapo is facing six different charges federal districts US officials had to promise that the extraditing process would not give the drug trafficker the death penalty.

“The indictment alleges that Guzman directed a large sale narcotics transportation network involving the use of land, air and sea transportation assets, shipping multi-ton quantities of cocaine from South America, through Central America and Mexico, and finally into the United States.”

The U.S is ensuring that El Chapo won’t be escaping any prison and he’ll face American justice.

Source: NPR

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