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#LoveSoldiers With @LisaEvers + #NewzGirlz – Where Is The #Love?

#LoveSoldiers – Episode 9 – Where Is The Love?


With all of the Trump madness that’s been happening lately, banning immigrants from entering the United States, pushing for a wall to be built on the border of Mexico, and approving the Dakota pipeline to be constructed after many had protested against it and thought that they won, we’re all wondering, where is the love?

On the latest episode of Love Soldiers, hosted by Hot97’s and Fox5 Lisa Evers alongside the Fox5 newzgirlz, we came up with some basic ways on how to spread more love in the world, for men and for women. A way to make yourself look more attractive is by how you treat people.

Men should always treat the women with respect, like The Temptations said, “treat her like a lady.”As for women, don’t be afraid to dig into your “feminine grace.” Lisa describes this term as being in touch with your heart, feelings, and your femininity.

For men and women, aside from basic hygiene which will never go out of style, manners is something that is coming back in style. Proper etiquette, especially when you’re at a fancy restaurant or an event illustrates the fact that no matter where your from, you’re not a product of your environment. In other words, you can be from “the hood” but you don’t have to “act hood.”

A male viewer from a previous episode wanted to know why when a man can sense that something is wrong with his lady and he asks her and she replies “I’m fine” knowing that she isn’t. A smart guy knows that when a woman says “I’m fine” she in fact is not fine and something is wrong.

Lisa believes that when you suppress your emotions, it’ll only get bigger and when you think about it, it’s true. Holding your feelings in will only cause you to explode later, which  isn’t cute. Especially for women, being rude with an attitude is not attractive and if you’re treating a good guy like that, you may lose him for good. Remember, “don’t suppress yourself, express yourself!”

It’s easier to talk about your problems or concerns as it’s happening rather than waiting until you get really ticked off. If someone is doing something that upsets you, let them know in a calm and lady like way instead of ignoring it.

We all have days where our emotions get the best of us so a good way to handle a situation when you’re out on a date and something is wrong but you don’t want to talk about it, take a breather and have phrases ready like “can we take a time out” or a reboot as Lisa calls it. If you’re really not up to it, tell your date that you need to post pone the plans. Telling someone that you don’t feel well goes for physically or emotionally under the weather.

Lisa made a valid point, people are busy these days and if someone is making time for you, why would they want to spend it with you while you’re in a bad mood? Men or women can experience what Lisa calls “delayed reaction emotion” where something happened and you’re in so much shock that you don’t react right away but the issue with that is if you’re holding in your feelings, eventually you’ll erupt like a volcano.

One of our male viewers made a good point check it out:


One of the newzgirlz Susannie asked what to do when you have to over communicate with a guy – for example if you two live in different states and he visits your area but doesn’t let you know that he’s in town.

Ladies Lisa wants you to remember that men will drive hundreds of miles to see a ball game and that men are planners, so if he’s in town and didn’t let you know,chances are, he may not be that into you. The best way to handle that type of situation instead of trying to get what you want, give yourself some tough love and tell yourself that if he really wanted to see you, he would try to make it work.

Lisa suggests a good comeback to say to him, “hey I’m a little disappointed because I would have loved to see you even if it was for dinner, so next time your around let me know so we can make plans” and if next time rolls around and he doesn’t contact you, then you know it’s time to put him on the back burner.

Another newzgirl L’Oréal shared a story about how someone she use to date turned out to be a little on the sweet side. No judgement zone but she asked do you feel that it’s necessary to ask your partner if they had any past gay experiences. Lisa promised that she will get back to this one because this topic is a whole show in itself! Have you ever experienced that situation and would you be okay with your man being bisexual? Leave your comments.

Typically guys hold their feelings in so if you want to get words out of them, keep it super basic. Many women want to know “how to get your man to open up?” The answer is simple according the Lisa, “the more you push a man to talk the less he’s going to talk.” The more you force it the more you’re going to remind him of his mother which isn’t sexy.

Lisa notes three key things that men need:

  1. Food
  2. Flat screen (to watch their sports)
  3. Sex

Make sure your man has all three of these things before you go talk to him and watch it work! TIP: instead of saying “why aren’t you calling me as much” say something like “I would feel better if we talked more.”

Remember that a REAL man is going to want to fulfill your needs. If you have car problems he will find a way to get to you and if he can’t he’ll find a friend that can, that’s the difference between a real man and a boy. A real man wants to protect you and be protective of you!




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