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#CharlesOakley ‘I Love NY, I Love The #Knicks’ – He Wants To Tell His Side Of The Story

s.jpgPhoto Source: NYDN

Charles Oakley had an embarrassing moment at Maddison Square Garden earlier this week after he was escorted out by security and then arrested. The former Knicks player was apparently banned from the arena and the owner James Dolan said that Oakley needs to “get help.”

It’s alleged that moments before Oakley was asked to leave, that he had a few words for Dolan which caused the owner to tell security to get him out immediately. Oakley claims that these statements are untrue.

To get his side of the story told, Oakley said he’s having a press conference next week. He went to tell fans and the Knicks players that he is thankful for standing by him. He took to twitter and said, “I want thank all in players and pass NBA players as well as family and friends for all your love and support.”

He also said, “I love NY, I love the Knicks.”

Source: NYDN


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