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#LoveSoldiers – #ValentinesDay – Gift Giving, Making The Night Magical, & Advice For Singles

Love is definitely in the air, especially with Valentine’s Day less than 48 hours away. Whether you’re single, just started dating someone, or madly in love, don’t let cupid’s day stress you out or give you unrealistic expectations.

On the latest episode of Love Soldiers hosted by Hot97 and Fox5’s Lisa Evers alongside the newzgirlz, the most important tip to know on Valentine’s Day is to not have high expectations and to appreciate whatever your love does for you. However, there are some simple rules to follow and if you want to be a good love solider, you’ll follow them.

Since it’s more common for the guy to give the lady a gift, a lot of people want to know if the girl should give the man a gift. Lisa recommends that if you’ve been in a relationship with each other for a long time (a year or longer), you should both exchange gifts.

Fellas, if your lady says “I’m not into Valentine’s Day, don’t get me anything” please don’t be the fool that listens and doesn’t get her anything. You have to produce, and it doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s the thought that counts.

A few cute gift ideas include inexpensive Godiva chocolates, private walk in the city, living room picnic, and can’t forget the romantic playlist because music always sets the mood. You can never go wrong with dinner but stay away from chain restaurants.

Ladies, if you’ve been seeing a guy for a few months and you want to show him that you care, let him plan the day and give you a gift first. If he didn’t plan to spend Valentine’s Day with you then thats a huge red flag that he may not be that into you.

If he does make plans, giving him a small gift and card at the end would be a nice gesture. From Lisa’s own personal experience, she wants women to know that they shouldn’t “over gift” because you may scare the man off and he may feel like you’re trying to lock him down.

For the ladies who are dating a few guys and are contemplating who you want to spend cupid’s day with, go for the one who asked you first. It would be a lame move to stack up a whole bunch of dates on Valentine’s Day (any other day thats okay but because of the holiday, that’s a cheesy move).

Also, for the ladies out there who may not have any special plans for Valentine’s Day, never accept a last minute date. You should want to be someone’s first pick, not their back up plan.

Remember that Valentine’s Day is about love and the most important person you should be loving is yourself. No matter what your status is, be happy with where you’re at and if you’re not happy, take time to reevaluate yourself.

The better you feel, the better energy you’ll attract. Love isn’t always like how you see it on the movies, in fact its almost never like that. Experts say that it’s usually never love at first sight and often times people end up with the person that they least expect.

Happy Valentine’s Day Love Soldiers!!!


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