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Recap Of #StreetSoldiers Hosted By @LisaEvers – ‘The Evolution Of Dating’


Way back in the day, a man would court the woman of his dreams and try to win her heart by taking her on romantic dates and wooing her with his love. These days some relationships stem from different dating sites and often times it’s the women who’s in control and making all the moves.

On the latest episode of Street Soldiers, hosted by Lisa Evers who reports exclusively for Fox5 and Hot97, the topic of love was on the table and up for discussion. Lisa invited Laura Stylez from Ebro In The Morning, MTV’s Rip Michaels, and Lori Zaslow who is the cofounder of Project Soulmate. Although it may seem like the game has changed, a few things will always remain the same.

Lisa asked the panel if dating is a thing of the past and everyone agreed that it depends on your status in life. Typically young people aren’t ready to settle down and are on this journey to “see what’s out there” but as people get older they look for more stability.

In today’s society, apps like Tinder and Soul Swipe make finding the perfect one easier with just a click of a button. Digital dating allows people to expand their horizons when it comes to the dating pool however it also creates an abundance of options which could be overwhelming to some people.

Laura Stylez who co hosts on New York City’s number one morning show shared how sometimes she faces challenges in the dating world because she’s in the public eye and people may “like the idea of you, but don’t like the real you.” From her own experience, she’s learned to date men who are on her level on the success ladder because dealing with someone who’s struggling leads to her carrying the weight and realistically who would want that.

Lori made it clear that the “trophy wife” is not real love. It’s more of an allusion. On the other hand, the very funny Rip Michaels said he’s looking for his Nicki Minaj, he doesn’t mind dating a women who is more successful than him, he’s there to wake you up in the morning and cook breakfast.

The love expert Lori believes that relationships where the woman makes more than the man can work if the love started young, like in high school or college. In that situation, the man holds his weight in other areas which is why it works. However, once a female is already established, it’s less likely that the woman would want to be in a relationship with someone who is just starting to build their empire.

Laura mentioned that not everything has to be a fancy five star restaurant. At the end of the day, it’s all about the effort and thought that you put into it. “Bring me into your world,” Laura said.

The panel agreed on some first date don’ts which include not being late, staying off your phone, and more importantly, being present. When you first meet someone don’t talk about your past and don’t be so quick to talk about your future, like having kids. Keep the conversation related to the day. Oh yeah, and don’t talk about politics. Boring!

Laura pointed out that sometimes women have crazy expectations of what they want their ideal man to be or look like and the reality of it is that sometimes you have to compromise. You have to think about what you really want and what’s important to you.

Lori explained how the women whose biological clock is ticking are not less picky when it comes to choosing a mate. One would think that they would but the fact of the matter is that they are willing to buy sperm and raise a child on their own. Rip believes this is because women are in powerful positions now where they know what they want and they aren’t accepting substitutes.

Rip also mentioned that men don’t have to make the first move anymore because the women are doing it. Females seem to be more in control when it comes to setting the tone. The panel agreed that men should always pay on the first date but some women these days are taking care of it.

“It’s sad that it feels like chivalry is dead but women still want the man to be te man,” Lori said. She feels that in order for relationships to work, their has to be equal give and take.

Lisa asked her guest if monogamy is dead and Laura answered that it’s not, but she’ll be the first to say that if it’s not working out, she’s out the door. She’s happily in a relationship and says that if you want to make your love last it takes honesty, communication, and a strong bond.

In order to make a relationship work Lori says that people need to look for their equal and make sure that their actions match their words. Laura added that you can’t put a timeline on love, you have to let things happen organically.

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