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#LongIsland Cops Use A Taser On A Highschool Student, But Did The Officer Take It Too Far? – [VIDEO]

Police were called to Copiague High School to break up a large rowdy crowd but the officer ended up getting into an altercation with a black teen who allegedly was smoking weed. A student recorded what happened when the cop approached the 16-year-old.

Suffolk Police Assistant Deputy Commissioner Justin Meyers claims that the video on;y shows the events that happened toward the end. Reported on NBC, “Meyers said police were responding to reports of a crowd fight off school property when officers saw the teen smoking marijuana. The teen ran away from the officers and onto school grounds, according to police. The cell video starts moments later.”

In the video we see the young boy running away from the police, stripping off his shirt, the cop running after him and then proceeding to taze him.

The article also says that the teen was charged with “harassment, resisting arrest and criminal possession of marijuana.”

Source: NBC


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